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1. Enterprise mission: to be a better, more professional and more focused drilling additive enterprise
The mission of an enterprise is the orientation and management concept of a company's production and operation, which can be elaborated from three aspects:
One is to highlight the quality policy of enterprises. As a production-oriented enterprise, we insist on excellence in quality, quality is the starting point of all work.
The second is to highlight the professional characteristics of enterprises. Summarize the experience accumulated by enterprises in professional fields, form the core competitiveness of enterprises, gradually integrate with the international advanced level from quality to management, devote themselves to building a specialized enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and technical services, and become a more professional assistant manufacturer and service provider in drilling exploration and development industry.
Third, highlight the development direction of enterprises.  Emphasis is laid on the continuous innovation of the quality and technology of drilling additives, focusing on the drilling additives industry.
Enterprise Vision: Creating More Competitive Brands in Drilling and Exploration Industry
Enterprise vision is the goal and ideal pursued by enterprises. Through continuous innovation and struggle, the core competitiveness of enterprises can be built, so that Oriental auxiliaries can become the preferred auxiliaries service providers in the world's drilling exploration and development industry.
Core Values: Growing with Customers, Employees and Stakeholders
The core value of the company is embodied in three aspects:
One is to establish the concept of customer first. Customer satisfaction is the standard of our work. Providing customers with high quality and low price products and perfect service is our eternal pursuit.
Second, the enterprise is people-oriented. Let employees work happily and live happily.
Third, stakeholders. Emphasize the concept of mutual benefit and interdependence between Oriental Auxiliaries and other stakeholders, such as customers, employees, shareholders, banks and society, and strive to achieve win-win cooperation and common growth of stakeholders, so as to form the interest community and destiny community of Oriental Auxiliaries.
Enterprise Spirit: Unity, Practicality, Innovation and Enterprising
Enterprise Style: Strict, Fine, Solid and Fast
Management concept: refinement, standardization and standardization
Team View: People together do not call team spirit together is called team.
View of Implementation: Strengthening Responsibility and Improving Executive Ability Without Executive Ability, there will be no Competitiveness
Survival View: Creating Greater Value for Customers
Service Concept: Customer Satisfaction is Our Standard
Marketing Concept: Old Market Doesn't Allow New Market Doesn't Compete for Doesn't Doesn't Doesn't Doesn't Compete for Doesn't Doesn't Doesn't Doesn't
Quality View: Product is equal to human quality, quality is life
Safety Concept: Production Must Be Safe and Safe to Promote Production
Learning View: Learning without End and Applying to Practice
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