Hello, welcome to Henan Ocean Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.
1. Our company strictly produces each batch of goods in accordance with the material standards required by users, and compiles the Quality Control Manual and the control documents conforming to the requirements of ISO9000 quality management system standards and the actual situation of the company. We will firmly prevent potential by checking the purchase of raw materials, production process, quality inspection before storage. Influencing the condition of unqualified product quality. Guarantee timely delivery, implement three packages, acting as a consignment agent, ensure the quality and quantity of products.
2. According to the management of our company, the leaders of our company visit the users twice a year. During the visit, the leaders of the users'superiors and subordinates gather to hold a symposium to enhance understanding, communicate ideas, consult with each other and learn from each other.
3. The Sales Department of our company solicits the opinions of the users once a quarter, understands the effect of the products in use, discusses and solves the problems raised by the users together, so as to achieve the satisfaction of the users, and to provide the users with drilling progress to a greater extent and reduce the comprehensive cost.
4. Follow-up service for new products developed by the company. After the new products are sold, the company sends professional technicians to follow-up the products after sale, fully understand the use situation and the effects and shortcomings in use, and discuss and study with the technical personnel of the other side. It can give feedback to the effect of use, so as to guide and improve our technology.
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