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New Auxiliaries Adding Gospel to Oilfield Ecological Restora
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From China New Network, we know that the problem of harmless disposal of waste drilling fluid in oilfield has been solved, which gives hope to the ecological recovery of oilfield. Yesterday, a reporter from China Chemical Journal learned from Shaanxi Petrochemical Research and Design Institute that the Institute has developed a series of products, such as polyacrylamide degradant HK618, demulsifier HK201, catalyst HK458, and formed an independent technology for harmless treatment of waste drilling fluids in oilfields. The technology has been applied well in Yanchang Oilfield, and is being perfected finally, and will enter the stage of market promotion.


Harmless disposal of waste drilling fluid has become a top priority. Li Junhua, senior engineer of Shaanxi Petrochemical Research and Design Institute, told China Chemical Daily that the application results of the extended oilfield experiment showed that the technology thoroughly solved the problem of high stability of viscous substances in traditional chemical treatment of drilling fluid waste.

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