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Anti-Corrosion and Safety of Oilfield Chemical Anti-Corrosio
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The minor edition of Henan Ocean Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. (www.henanhaiyang.com), an auxiliary agent manufacturer in Henan Oilfield, thinks that the main corrosion of metals in oilfield chemical industry is electrochemical corrosion and physical corrosion, which causes oxidative loss of metals and brings hidden dangers to production safety. Zhisheng Weihua's high-depth anti-corrosion technology has been studied for many years. Morphology, chemistry, electrochemistry, metallurgy, physics and management methods have been used to study the morphology of chemical corrosion in oilfield. The characteristics, properties and state of chemical corrosion in oilfield have been described and analyzed, and the practical method of characterizing corrosion morphology has been given.


Oilfield chemical anticorrosive coatings are those that can be used in relatively harsh corrosive environment for a long time and keep a good film state. They are better corrosion-resistant than conventional anticorrosive coatings and are called oilfield chemical anticorrosive coatings. Beijing Zhisheng Weihua Chemical Co., Ltd. is located in Dongtieying, Fengtai District. After more than ten years of research and development, many senior anti-corrosion researchers have world-class anti-corrosion coatings laboratories in Beijing and Wuhan. The technical level and continuation depth of anti-corrosion coatings for oilfield chemical industry have been in the forefront of China, with a number of core patents. In addition, a material research institute, Beijing Zhisheng Boka Energy Conservation Technology Research Institute, has been set up to specialize in research and development of energy-saving technology. It can be said that it has strong anti-corrosion technology.


The anticorrosive technology takes high and new technology as its core, relies on the support of large scientific research units such as Chinese Academy of Sciences and Ministry of Space, and has carried out long-term scientific research cooperation with universities such as Tsinghua University. It has developed, produced and sold the most advanced anticorrosive coatings at home and abroad. Various anticorrosive coatings have been pioneered in the world and applied for patents in many countries.  Build strong anticorrosive coatings by scientific and technological means. The ZS-811 high temperature anticorrosive coatings developed by Beijing Zhisheng Weihua Chemical Co., Ltd. can withstand high temperature corrosion at 2200 C; ZS-1033 anticorrosive coatings can withstand hydrofluoric acid; ZS-822 composite ceramic high temperature anticorrosive coatings can withstand strong organic solvent corrosion and super high temperature gas corrosion; can specially withstand high temperature smoke and smoke condensate water. ZS-1041 flue gas anticorrosive coatings with strong corrosion friction; ZS-711 inorganic anticorrosive coatings with resistance to Moisture Corrosion in seawater and seawater; ZS-1033 with resistance to strong friction impact; ZS-821 ceramic anticorrosive coatings with resistance to corrosion of ethers, fluorine and oils; Zhisheng Weihua, a variety of oilfield chemical anticorrosive coatings, has been successfully developed with high technology content, wide application prospects and market prospects. Hopefully, Zhisheng Weihua is also an expert in the field of chemical anti-corrosion in oilfields.


The main difference between oilfield chemical anticorrosive coatings and conventional anticorrosive coatings lies in their high technical content, great technical difficulty, technological progress and product development involved. It no longer relies too much on the knowledge and experience of coatings. It depends on the knowledge and intersection of many disciplines such as electronics, physics, ecology, machinery, instruments and management. Its technology comes from the synthesis of high-resistance resins with high efficiency. The application of powder and rheological additives, the development of new anti-corrosive and impermeable pigments and fillers, the use of advanced and special test equipment, efficient Anti-Corrosive Technology and efficient anti-corrosive coatings, Zhisheng anti-corrosive coatings human science and technology and facts have proved that the development of Oilfield Chemical anti-corrosive coatings also marks the development and upgrading of a company's technological level.


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