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Oilfield "Pursue True Gold" in Detection Data
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Metering instruments enable oil field technical inspection departments to collect important data, through the deep mining and comprehensive application of data, the quality of crude oil has been greatly improved. In recent years, Shengli Oilfield has realized "panning for real gold" in detection data.


As we all know, only when we think about how to make comprehensive technical analysis, can we understand how to formulate the testing scheme and what to pay attention to in-situ testing. When the comprehensive technical analysis is done well, we will know what to solve in scientific research, what to limit or improve the standards. According to statistics, in the past four years, the technical testing center has completed 149 comprehensive technical analysis reports, reaching more than 80% of the total annual reports issued, basically realizing that more than 85% of technical personnel have comprehensive analysis and data processing capabilities, and the compilation of four annual thematic technical reports led by chief experts and experts has become the source of technological innovation. Head water.


For example, through the comprehensive analysis of the accumulated data of four years'measurement and testing in Shengli Oilfield, it is found that the measurement error of oil well fluid volume is more than (+10%) and the measurement error of water cut is more than (+4%). The technology of sampling and rapid determination of water cut of produced fluid in derived oil wells has been developed, which realizes the rapid and accurate measurement of water cut of produced fluid (high water cut).  Representativeness is more than 95%, measurement accuracy is less than (+2%) and measurement time is less than 3 minutes. This method solves many problems such as poor representativeness, large measurement error, low work efficiency and high labor intensity. It overcomes the technical bottleneck of high water cut measurement error of oilfield high water cut crude oil. It has been popularized and applied in Gudao Oil Production Plant and other units, and has been popularized and applied by grass-roots managers, technicians and industrialized personnel.  The unanimous approval of the inspectors.


On the other hand, "Energy Consumption Potential Assessment and Optimization Technology of Pumping Well" aims at not reducing production. Through the massive data accumulated from the testing of pumping system, energy efficiency optimization technology of pumping system is used to evaluate energy consumption potential and optimize the working parameters and rod-tube combination of oil wells according to the principle of optimum energy consumption of oil wells. Over the past four years, 14 development units have been evaluated and predicted for energy consumption potential, 1276 evaluation models have been established, 7787 potential wells have been designed, 2165 oil wells have been revamped, and 7.19 million kilowatt-hours of electricity have been saved, which provides a technical basis for rational matching of oil field production and electricity consumption.


In view of the problems found in the analysis of pipeline inspection data, they carried out scientific research and tackled key problems, and formed a pipeline inspection application system with a combination of gathering pipeline detection, location of breakage points, transient electromagnetic, metal magnetic memory and other technologies, which played an important role in the emergency detection of oil field pipelines. In 2013, it took only two hours to locate the leak point in the investigation of the secondary leakage accident of the Shengzhou Oil Pipeline of the Second West Road in Dongying District. Compared with the 48 hours spent in emergency detection of pipeline leakage in 2009, the efficiency was greatly improved.


In recent years, the technical testing center has also undertaken the special work of testing the quality of oilfield produced water, evaluating the new technology of produced water treatment and optimizing the dosage scheme of reagents. After implementing the new scheme, the cost of reagent was reduced by 30% and sludge emission was reduced by 70%. The oil content, suspended solid content, average corrosion rate and SRB of the outgoing water all met the design requirements, saving 5 million yuan per year of investment for the oil production plant and achieving emission reduction and efficiency enhancement.


The results of organic chlorine detection, chemical additives detection and related standard system (revision) of Shengli crude oil carried out by Technical Testing Center since 2013 have also been applied. The quality of Shengli crude oil has risen to the best level in 2014 through the supervision of the whole process and the whole process.

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