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Twelve key projects to maintain stable production capacity o
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In the cold winter period, Northwest Oilfield will focus on the long term, deepen reservoir geology research, strengthen scientific and technological innovation, and promote optimization and adjustment.


On April 30, after a shutdown well in Tahe Oilfield was injected with water, the daily production increased from 21 tons to 33 tons before shutdown, which not only realized the transformation from ineffective shutdown to production wells, but also produced better than before.


Cheng Hong, director of the Development Research Institute of the oil production plant responsible for managing the well, introduced that they regularly evaluated the monitoring data, took routine maintenance or fine water injection measures, and did a good job of productivity reserve.


During the cold winter period, the Northwest Oilfield has a long-term perspective, focusing on deepening reservoir geological research, accelerating scientific and technological innovation, and advancing optimization and adjustment, making every effort to maintain stable production capacity and increase economic recoverable reserves.


Strengthen basic reservoir research and open up a new position for oil and gas exploration


On March 25, the completion perforation test of Well Huyang 2 resulted in high-yield oil and gas flow, which is an important breakthrough in exploration and evaluation of ultra-deep clastic subtle trap reservoirs in Northwest Oilfield.


The breakthrough of Huyang 2 well further validates the validity of the new technology system, implements reserves of 10 million tons, provides more space for structural adjustment and transformation of the Northwest Oilfield, and reserves new positions for the production of clastic rocks weighing more than 2 million tons.


In the cold winter, facing the disadvantageous situation of tightening exploration costs, Northwest Oilfield, centering on commercial discovery of oil and gas, concentrates its advantages and strengthens the basic research of reservoirs, and has made several breakthroughs: after the breakthrough of Shunbei 1-1H well in expanding light oil exploration, it has accumulated 16,000 tons of oil, produced 7.8 million cubic meters of gas, and has great potential for block development; Shuntuo 1 well has realized a breakthrough in natural gas exploration in the new area. Oil and gas exploration achievements in the deep strata of Shunnan and Tahe have been further expanded.


In 2015, 250 million tons of new petroleum geological resources and 480 billion cubic meters of natural gas resources were added to Northwest Oilfield, 132 million tons of oil equivalent were submitted for secondary geological reserves, and 139% of the annual plan was completed. Through deepening reservoir research, all indicators of oil and gas exploration have been improved in an all-round way. The success rate of exploration has increased by 5 percentage points compared with the previous year, and the single well controlled reserves have increased by 36% compared with the previous year.


Reserve technical force and tackle 12 key projects


TK922H well is a typical high water cut well in clastic rock bottom water reservoir. It has thick reservoir, low recovery degree, abundant residual oil and great potential for subsequent tapping.  After the implementation of the new technology in Northwest Oilfield, the daily oil production increased from 1.1 tons to 28.39 tons, and the lowest water cut decreased to 48.1%. The oil production increased by 1126.3 tons. The new technology can be used for reference in water control development of large bottom water reservoirs.


As far away as Mai 4 well in Bachu, after seven years of silence, after overhaul and acid fracturing, 83 tons of light oil per day has been produced, which has become another high-efficiency well in Northwest Oilfield.


In 2016, Northwest Oilfield will take enhancing oil recovery as an important measure to maintain production capacity, establish three major project groups of carbonate reservoir, clastic reservoir and condensate gas reservoir, set up project organization, integrate and give full play to the technical advantages of research institutes and oil production plants, study on fracture-cave reservoir collective structure description and remaining reservoir description technology, and improve oil recovery technology of clastic rock bottom water reservoir. Sixty-nine topics of 12 key projects were managed in an integrated way, and 14 demonstration units were selected to carry out technical experiments.


At present, some projects have achieved preliminary results. Mixed displacement of carbon dioxide injection in clastic reservoirs has completed indoor minimum miscible pressure test and physical model simulation. Field tests will be carried out in this year. Water plugging, acid fracturing depth acidification and non-uniform etching acid fracturing technology for clastic reservoirs have been implemented in the field, and the effect is remarkable. In the initial stage of non-uniform etching acid fracturing technology, 50 tons of oil per well is increased daily. Above.


Promoting optimization and adjustment and completing the reform of specialized teams


At the beginning of this year, some inefficient and inefficient wells were shut down in Northwest Oilfield, and the daily output of crude oil was optimized from 19,000 tons to 16,000 tons, which aroused heated discussion among workers. If the output of scale declines, will the development stagnate?


Northwest Oilfield believes that the development of oilfields is just like that of human beings. Big blocks do not necessarily lead to healthy development. Now the production of oilfields has been reduced, but the product structure is more reasonable and the indicators are better. We should practice our internal skills well, overcome the low oil price with low cost and high efficiency, and achieve surpassing in the curve.


The Northwest Oilfield has accelerated the completion of the shortcomings that are not compatible with the system and mechanism of the oil company. This year, it has completed the reform of the special engineering management center and completion test management center of the oilfield, and formed a "big specialty" of field operation, management, supervision and training. At the same time, the "profit" index in the operation evaluation index of each oil production plant is adjusted to the "gross profit contribution per ton of oil" index to guide the oil production plant to further reduce operating costs, and the "simulated profit" index of specialized management units is adjusted to reflect the guiding role of efficiency creation and cost reduction.


The company promotes the clean-up of outsourcing, perfects the internal market succession mechanism, further expands the coverage of internal services of research units and specialized management units, and promotes the transformation from service exploration and development to service-oriented oil recovery. In 2016, six units, such as Exploration and Development Research Institute and Power Supply Management Center, added 30 oil recovery service projects, and some outsourcing businesses became self-operated. Only the internal process has been optimized, and the cost can be reduced by 80 million yuan in the whole year.

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