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This year, Xiaobian of Henan Ocean Chemical Technology Co., Ltd., an assistant manufacturer of Henan Oilfield, learned that Tahe Oil Production Plant 2 of Northwest Oilfield firmly established the working concept of "every drop of oil and every process is a commitment", and effectively integrated enterprise culture, intrinsic safety, fine management and oil quality management, strictly integrated each link of oil production, gathering and transportation, and testing, and passed the "three" Strengthen the "three checks" to continuously improve the quality management level to ensure high standards, high quality and high efficiency of imported oil products.

Strengthen the management of oilfield additives and strictly control the quality of links. In order to ensure the quality management of chemical additives in oilfields, the organization of "management of chemical additives in oilfields" has been established, and the "Regulations on quality management of chemical additives in oilfields of No. 2 Oil Production Plant of Tahe Oilfield" has been formulated. The "four-step" management principle of "centralized management, split control, strengthened detection, openness and transparency" has been adopted to continuously strengthen source control. At the same time, the plant regularly organizes demulsifier "sunshine experiment" screening activities, so that the process is controlled, the method is reasonable, the results are accurate, and high-quality and efficient oilfield additives are screened out to ensure that the products meet the quality requirements.

Strengthen the application of scientific technology and strictly control the quality of oil desulfurization. Organic chlorine in crude oil has always been the most important part of quality management. In view of the high organic chlorine content in acidified oil, the plant adopts new organic chlorine transfer agent to deal with it, strengthens the detection of organic chlorine, and monitors it through regular detection and random sampling, thus ensuring the qualifications of imported crude oil. At the same time, the control of hydrogen sulfide content in crude oil, dry gas and light hydrocarbons was actively carried out. Gas stripping desulfurization unit, negative pressure stable desulfurization unit and MDEA desulfurization unit were used successively, which greatly reduced the sulfur content of imported products.

Strengthen node control and management, strictly control the quality of project operation. In view of project quality control, the factory strengthens project node management and control, takes "quality forever leading" as an opportunity, comprehensively implements "Tahe Oil Production Plant II Quality Management Work Method", continuously carries out "four matching" activities of comparison training, comparison measures, comparison execution and comparison safety, and constantly strengthens learning concept, supervision management, construction supervision and project acceptance to ensure the quality of project construction. Quantity. At the same time, in the aspect of material quality control, the factory implements the whole process management, from the formulation of demand plan, supplier selection to material procurement, adopts interlocking, layer by layer supervision, strengthens the whole process management and control of material procurement and supply, and effectively guarantees the quality of material supply.

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