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Efficient and Rational Use of Oilfield Chemical Auxiliaries
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Henan Ocean Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. (www.henanhaiyang.com) is a small edition of the company. In view of how to use chemical additives efficiently and rationally in oilfields, the development trend of the industry is briefly discussed.


Revamping objects


Heavy Oil Demulsifier for Positive and Reverse Phases


Reasons for transformation


If the demulsifier is not effectively controlled and adjusted, it will inevitably increase the cost of demulsifier use.


Optimizing measures


Perfecting the management system of pharmaceuticals, conducting regular indoor evaluation tests and applying new techniques and Arts


Optimizing effect


The dosage concentration of both positive and reverse demulsifiers has been greatly reduced, and the annual cost of demulsifiers has been saved by 14 million yuan.


On March 10, at No. 1 Heavy Oil Joint Processing Station in Fengcheng Oilfield Operating Area, Wu Xu and Li Xiaoqing, technicians of the safety operation group of the station, were checking the drug flow rate of the dosing pump between dosing rooms.


"Strengthening the management of demulsifiers has always been the key work of our station, and is also a powerful means to improve quality and efficiency." Wu Xu told reporters.


It is understood that demulsifier is the dominant factor affecting the dehydration effect of super heavy oil and the key point to reduce the cost of gathering and transportation of super heavy oil.  Influenced by multi-round huff and puff of oil wells, the physical properties and composition of produced fluid are complex, which increases the difficulty of dehydration in the later stage of crude oil. If the medicament is not effectively controlled and adjusted by experiments, the cost of medicament use will inevitably increase.


At present, the two major heavy oil treatment stations in Fengcheng oilfield are responsible for the treatment of produced fluid of about 50,000 cubic meters per day in the heavy 32, 18, 3 and 43 wells respectively.


In order to save processing costs, Fengcheng Oilfield Operating Area carried out regular indoor evaluation tests through improving the pharmaceutical management system, using new technology and new art, optimizing the positive and reverse demulsifiers for heavy oil, reducing the concentration of positive demulsifiers from 240 mg/L to 160 mg/L, and the concentration of reverse demulsifiers from 120 mg/L to 60 mg/L, saving demulsifiers throughout the year. The cost of the agent is 14 million yuan.


Among them, the average dosage concentration of positive phase demulsifier in No. 1 heavy oil combined treatment station decreased from 280 mg/L to 160 mg/L, which saved 249.97 tons of positive phase demulsifier in the whole year of last year; the average dosage concentration of reverse phase demulsifier decreased from 100 mg/L to 40 mg/L, and 309.27 tons of reverse phase demulsifier were saved in the whole year of last year.


While optimizing and adjusting the reagents, the production process and control parameters are continuously optimized. In the field, PID regulation and fuzzy control are combined to realize the automatic interlocking control of demulsifier dosing process in this work area. That is, according to the change of liquid volume and water content of crude oil, the operating frequency of demulsifier dosing pump is adjusted to control the dosing concentration. This method reduces the worker's operation intensity and avoids the effect of dehydration of crude oil due to improper dosage of chemicals.


The operation area also strengthens the management of pharmaceuticals usage account, completes data monitoring and analysis, carries out weekly statistics, monthly summary and annual planning on demulsifier consumption and dosing concentration, grasps the law of drug concentration change, finds out the causes of change in time, and adjusts dosing strategy.


In daily operation, the operation area does a good job in the maintenance and repair of key equipment such as automatic dosing system, flowmeter, dosing pump, etc. to ensure the normal operation of pump, improve the operation rate of automatic control system, reduce equipment and human errors, improve the accuracy of demulsifier usage and metering, and implement fine management.


This year, the operation area will continue to optimize the demulsifier for super heavy oil, optimize the crude oil and sewage treatment process and operation parameters, improve the management system, and strengthen the control of nodal parameters and indicators. In this area, physical destabilization technologies and equipment, such as ultrasonic wave and high frequency pulsed electric field, will be applied to the treatment of Fengcheng heavy oil production fluid, and a set of applicable heavy oil production fluid treatment technology will be formed. At the same time, the management and use units of chemical additives in various links of heavy oil crude oil and sewage treatment are sorted out and classified, so as to effectively and reasonably use chemical additives in oilfields and realize the efficient and economic development of Fengcheng super heavy oil.


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