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The secrets of polyacrylamide dissolution are divided into f
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The secrets of polyacrylamide dissolution are mainly pided into five strategies:


First trick: Polyacrylamide solution concentration is not too high, generally in about 0.5-1 thousandths. The stirring dissolution time of polyacrylamide is not too long. The general stirring time is about 1-1.5 hours, otherwise the dispersion effect will be destroyed.


Second trick: polyacrylamide should be dissolved now, because the aqueous solution of polyacrylamide will hydrolyze automatically within 20-48 hours, lose its viscosity, and eventually lose its dispersion.


The third step: when polyacrylamide is dissolved, it is impossible for one hundred percent to dissolve completely. There must be a small part of the gel group which is not completely dissolved. Therefore, in application, we must add filter equipment to prevent these gelatinous groups from entering the paper machine, hanging nets and sticky cloth or producing paper diseases.


Fourth trick: When the paper machine starts crossing water, cationic polyacrylamide should be added first, so that there is cationic polyacrylamide in the system to prevent non-dispersed long fibers from agglomerating, so that the production can reach normal state more quickly. Because polyacrylamide can not be added too much at one time, it must be uniform, uniform and dispersed. And the speed of adding can not be too fast, generally about 0.15 kg/min is appropriate. When polyacrylamide is added into water, a certain pressure of clear water should be injected into its adding point so that it can be diluted and dissolved immediately after it is added into water to achieve the best dissolution effect.


Fifth trick: When the dosage of polyacrylamide changes, the dewatering speed of pulp on the paper machine will change accordingly. If the amount of polyacrylamide is adjusted too much, the dehydration will be too fast or too slow, which will affect the normal and stable production. Therefore, in the normal production of paper machine, do not arbitrarily adjust the amount of polyacrylamide. Anionic or non-ionic flocculants are suitable for polyacrylamide used as long fiber dispersant.

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